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Data SecuritycroppedWhy Your Business Needs Secure Data Sanitisation and Destruction?

Today, every piece of your business passes through a network of computers…bookkeeping, correspondence, business plans, contracts, marketing plans, client data, and more. All get stored on hard drives within your company. When it comes time to replace your hardware, there’s a risk that strangers or competitors could access your business’s most sensitive information.


For this reason, it's vital that you have secure data handling processes in place. The proper destruction of sensitive data, when the need for it arises, is very important to ensure your company's name remains in good standing with consumers.

Cost savingscurit-IT-cropped

Your business cannot afford to use tech staff to destroy hard drives and disks that contain obsolete private information or recycle outmoded computers. Your company risks losing money and time by assigning jobs to people that should be doing other things. But when you hire the right people to do a proper job, you end up saving money and time. Besides, the sanitisation and destruction of company data are not usually part of the job description of IT staff in most companies.


The right tools

One of the great benefits to using a company’s sanitisation services is that no matter what your needs are regarding recycling, recovering, or the safe destruction of data, they have the technology and expertise to provide customised solutions. They will give your company detailed reports of the services they perform on your machines, and will even record the procedures as they are carried out for your peace of mind.


The right people

Multi R IT treats the sanitisation of systems and deletion of client data seriously and understands the sensitive nature of this function.  Not only is client specific data a concern, but there may be software licensing issues associated with operating systems or applications left on a client’s assets.

We provide 100% guaranteed secure data destruction using various methods including data wiping software, hard drive degaussing and physical shredding facilities.  In addition to disk wiping, all client-related information, such as asset stickers or identifying labels, can be removed during the sanitation process.


We work to the highest global standards of data destruction which ensures that your brand, customer data information is respected and protected. We can provide our clients with a signed Data Wipe Certificate stating the asset serial number, description and the date/time the wipe was performed.


Save time, money, and manpower, while maintaining your company's reputation among competitors and customers by hiring Multi R IT as the need arises.