"Environmentally friendly IT asset management services throughout Australia & New Zealand"

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Leasing Company


When IT equipment is leased, there are several activities and procedures that must be completed to terminate the lease agreement and retire the equipment from its original use.

Multi R IT Asset Recovery provides lease reconciliation services to leasing companies so they can terminate lease agreements and maximize the value of the retired equipment. Audit reports provided by Multi R IT Asset Recovery identify the products returned by serial number and lease schedule.

We use a strong and sophisticated asset management and reporting system, MultiManager, that is built to effectively handle the entire tracking process from receipt through disposal. The need to electronically scan asset data, reduce error, automate certain functions and connect electronically to our suppliers is paramount in the design of the system.

Many of our leasing clients tell us it has a positive impact on their profitability by:


  • Improving the return from their own clients
  • Providing accurate and consistent information from across the country
  • Delivering timely reporting for a fast turnaround
  • Allowing for reconciliation with their own asset data to minimise losses; and


MultiManager is based on a Microsoft SQL + .NET platform and can import a variety of data types. For example leased assets can be imported in an Excel spreadsheet, by schedule or return, and can include any fields the client requires, in addition to the normal serial/asset number, specifications, date, etc. You can keep your data together and have it reported back to you in the same format, thus reducing your processing time.

Client Return Reconciliation Report – This is a post-audit report that provides an asset component shortfall, and highlights “Serial Matches”, “Not Received” and “Received in Addition” data. The report can include a summary of damage or difference in value. For example, it can automatically price the components required to bring a system back to specification or working order, so that you can charge your client that amount, or require them to pay out the full residual value on the lease. 



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