"Environmentally friendly IT asset management services throughout Australia & New Zealand"

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           "Multi R IT fit in your project and requirement for managing assets".


Renewal & Removal Services


When it's time to refresh your IT equipment, we'll do as much, or as little, as necessary to fit in with your projects and requirements for managing assets on-site.


If you already have a project manager or team of technicians we can just deliver equipment to site and leave them to it. Alternatively, we can manage the rollout, delivering equipment on-site, unpacking and installing it at the user’s desk or a data centre rack and at the same time decommissioning and/or removing the equipment being replaced. We’ll even take the packaging away!


We make sure the customer’s data is secured, backing up user files if necessary before performing a disk wipe using tools certified by the US Department of Defence. To minimise disruption, we can take custody of the equipment and bring it back to our integration centre to perform the disk wipe. Of course, we guarantee the job is done properly and provide data destruction certification for each system.

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