"Environmentally friendly IT asset management services throughout Australia & New Zealand"

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sustainability2“Mastering the 3Rs is critical for any business looking to improve sustainability and efficiency.” 

Green IT stands for Green Information Technology. The purpose of Green IT is to minimise the negative impact of IT asset usage on the environment. It includes 3 key areas:




Reduce - Energy Efficiency

The production of energy generates greenhouse gas emissions (mostly CO2 ) which are believed to be a major cause of global warming. A typical desktop computer uses 868 kW of electricity per year and many organisations have thousands of computers!


Some good facts to know…

By turning off your computer each night when not in use for a year, you save as much energy as it takes to wash 464 loads of washing or produce 3,480 plastic bags! There are some really easy actions that can be taken to reduce energy use, including:


Circle Orange  Turning off computers when they are not in use

Circle Orange  Setting your computer to "sleep" after 15 minutes of inactivity (this reduces the power it uses because "sleep" mode is a lower-energy use mode for the computer to operate in)

Circle Orange  Turning devices off at the power point (because even in standby mode your appliances are using electricity)

Circle Orange  Buy green energy (to help push electricity suppliers to convert from coal based production – which creates greenhouse gases and requires mining)

Circle Orange  Buy and use a laptop instead of a desktop computer. Laptops only use 190kW (average) of electricity per year.

3 Reuse - Cut costs

 Extending the useful life of IT equipment is a great option that can promote efficiency, limit the environmental   impact and keep costs low. Multi R IT offers asset management and reuse services that help SMEs extend the asset lifecycle of their IT equipment and   substantially reduce their costs. Whilst it is important to employ products that are efficient users of electricity, it is perhaps more important to extend the useful life of a product in the market before eventually disposing of it. We   attempt to do that by finding an avenue for sale as working equipment or for parts before sending it to be recycled.

 Sending equipment to landfill is not only a waste of precious resources but potentially an environmental time bomb ticking for the next generation. Computers contain many toxic substances, in the plastic, the circuit board and the batteries. These can eventually find their way back into the water we drink, the air we breathe and ultimately the food chain. What is important though, are the benefits to all of us of "going green." Not just for the obvious environmental pluses but also in terms of corporate responsibility and risk minimisation.

Recycle - Ewasteguiyu-ewaste

As companies deploy new technologies, they are faced with the issue of what to do with their old IT assets. It is no longer acceptable for organisations to throw out old technology or simply to pass it along. IT asset disposal is not only a responsibility that should be taken seriously it can also bring huge benefits to an organisation while at the same time being a good corporate citizen.


Multi R IT offers e-waste recycling services that are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. 
Our primary focus is to minimise the environmental footprint of old equipment. Wherever possible, we aim to do this by extending the asset’s life through managing its reuse/redeployment. Given the energy and material resources embedded in IT equipment, we believe this provides the greatest environmental benefit. However, if there is no further useable value in the equipment we ensure it is environmentally recycled in processes that meet best international standards.