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Logistics & warehouse

A service for clients that do not have storage facilities on their premises. We can provide secure storage of equipment, for example during a rollout period, in readiness for redeployment, or indefinitely while decisions are made about its ultimate disposition.


Removal of equipment from site can also relieve some of the pressure of OH&S issues of idle / end of life or re-marketing equipment being located in areas not suitable for storage, like corridors or rooms that have a different fundamental purpose.

New assets may be held in storage as “buffer stock” to facilitate project rollouts or manage to tight SLA’s.


Our facility in Artarmon is 550 sq meters with a capacity for 180 pallets, ample space for safe storage of equipment until required. We also have arrangements in place for additional secure storage allowing for greater capacity.


The warehouse includes a separately caged, lockable area for high-value or high-sensibility items. The facility is covered by comprehensive insurance and a back-to-base alarm system.



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