"Environmentally friendly IT asset management services throughout Australia & New Zealand"

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          "Multi R IT make sure you get maximum value from your old computer equipment.”



We are turning your old IT equipment into revenue!


Often businesses do not have the experience, time or resources to manage the disposal of assets. Multi R IT takes responsibility for disposal, including sale of marketable assets, with the aim of providing maximum recovery for our clients to environmentally safe disposal of assets with a zero market value.


We sell your refurbished products direct to dealers, resellers and end users which allow us to sell quickly and gain the highest possible return for you. Our global presence ensures a greater reach when matching your refurbished IT equipment to the most suitable buyer. Prior to resale each asset is cleaned, tested, securely data wiped and re-packaged. All identifying stickers and asset tracking numbers are removed.


We make sure that 100% of your data is wiped from all of your data bearing IT and electronic assets before it is resold.




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