"Environmentally friendly IT asset management services throughout Australia & New Zealand"

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     “Multi R IT offers asset management and reuse services that extend the asset lifecycle

     of your IT equipment.”



Multi R IT remove equipment that you have temporarily finished using, capture full details of the equipment in Multi Manager, store it, load your latest SOE image and clean or upgrade it. We deliver the equipment anywhere in the country and reinstall it for you in the new location. Multi R IT offers asset management and reuse services based around four key capabilities:


1. Multi Manager - Our asset management system

A sophisticated asset tracking system that offers accurate, detailed and immediate information on our customer’s

IT equipment. Read more here.

2. Storage facilities

3. Integration centre

4. Country-wide and overseas logistics capability.


By combining these, we can offer a comprehensive, flexible service that helps you:

  • Extend the asset lifecycle of your equipment
  • Substantially reduce your costs



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