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     “Multi R IT tailor a solution that matches your security needs, assures data has been destroyed

     and also meets high system standards."



100% secure destruction of data and hardware


Multi R IT treats the sanitisation of systems and deletion of client data seriously and understands the sensitive nature of this function. Not only is client specific data a concern, but there may be software licensing issues associated with operating systems or applications left on a client’s assets.


We provide 100% guaranteed secure data destruction using various methods including data wiping software, hard drive degaussing and physical shredding facilities.In addition to disk wiping, all client-related information, such as asset stickers or identifying labels, can be removed during the sanitisation process.


We work to the highest global standards of data destruction which ensures that your brand and data is respected and protected. We can provide our clients with a signed Data Wipe Certificate stating the asset serial number, description and the date/time the data sanitisation was performed.




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